The AJFN believes that no Jewish Australian should ever feel alone on their fertility journey.

Who We Are

For those families struggling to achieve their dreams of having a baby, the AJFN is a beacon of hope, offering financial, emotional and spiritual support throughout their journey, whilst encouraging open and honest conversations about infertility within the Jewish community.

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Our Story

The history of AJFN

In 2006, a young couple shared with Shterny Dadon the heartache they suffered from struggling to have a child. After four years of trying, they were unsuccessful and lost where to turn for help. Shterny recalls one conversation where the wife was crying to her, saying,’ I don’t know how we can afford to keep on trying and if I even have the strength in me to go through ANOTHER round of IVF.’

She recalls thinking at that time, how could no support service exist in the community for this couple to turn to in their time of need? That money was the barrier to their ability to become parents, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. Together with her friends, they hosted an event, raised funds and paid for their IVF treatment in 3 weeks!

This led to the birth of both their child and the Australian Jewish Fertility Network, known as the AJFN, which was and still is the only organisation in Australia that provides support for Jewish families struggling with infertility.

Since 2006, Jewish Australian families have approached the AJFN for help. Our role has been to provide them with the financial, emotional and spiritual support they need to give them the best chance at fulfilling their dream of becoming parents.

Thanks to our dedicated Board, skilled volunteer committees, and family of supporters, the AJFN has built a strong network over the years and has ensured that every family who approaches us for assistance receives the support they need to fulfil their dream of becoming parents.

In November 2021, Shterny Dadon stepped down from her role as the Executive Director. She looks back on her journey with pride and is humbled and honoured to have had the opportunity to have a lasting impact on the lives of so many. She hopes that the AJFN will continue to positively impact the lives of many and be a trusted resource for the community for many years to come.

We thank Yael Super, Jodie Lowe-Ariel, Dorit Gerassi, and Lee-Anne Whitten for donating their time and energy over the years (2006-2016) to ensure AJFN’s continuous growth and impact, as well as the ‘Giving Tree’ families for their generous support over the years.

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Dana and Ben Finger

Daniella and Jonathan Gavshon

Jessica Roth and Daniel Mendoza-Jones

Kerri and Craig Blackstone

Kerry and Michael Gonski

Lauren and Elliott Placks

Tanya and Ken Keyser

Why We Are Needed

    1 in 6

    Couples struggle with infertility in Australia.


    Average upfront cost per round of IVF - with majority of families requiring at least three rounds for success, and often years of hardship trying.


    Jewish babies born in Australia each year according to 2016 Census. At least 1 in 17 of these babies born would require fertility treatments to be created - even higher % in Jewish population due to genetic conditions.


    Minimum amount required for AJFN to support all Jewish Australian families across all of AJFN's Support Services and Programs this financial year.


    Number of families requiring AJFN support this financial year (FY23/24)

AJFN are here to ensure that no one ever feels alone on their fertility journey.

From dealing with the emotional roller coaster, the pressure of IVF treatment cycles, friends falling pregnant or the pain of shattered dreams, families that go through infertility often suffer in silence and isolation. This often compounds their sense of shame, loss and pain. In addition, they can experience immense financial strain due to the expensive and ongoing treatments.

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Our Support offerings

  • Financial support

    AJFN envisions a world where finance is never a barrier to the dreams of becoming a parent. We offer means-tested grants that pay up to 80% of the out-of-pocket expenses of fertility treatments, genetic testing of embryos, and counselling sessions related to the fertility journey.

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  • Emotional support

    Anyone who has ever experienced infertility can attest to the overwhelming anxiety, often suffering in silence and isolation. Our emotional support offerings ensure you are not alone in your journey.

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  • Spiritual support

    We are here to provide all Jewish Australians with appropriate spiritual guidance. Whether arranging a meaningful challah baking for fertility, connecting you with someone for halachic advice, visiting the Mikvah for fertility, or IVF with supervision.

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  • Awareness and advocacy

    One of AJFN’s key objectives is to be a trusted and respected voice and knowledge source for infertility in our community. We believe that knowledge empowers those on their fertility journey, their family, friends and the community.

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