Miscarriage and Loss Program

Through the AJFN Miscarriage and Loss program’s various initiatives, which are a testament to the compassion of the brave Gabbi Mitchell and Ari Mitchell in memory of their daughter, Stevie, you or your loved ones will find an abundance of love and support as you navigate miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

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Our Miscarriage and Loss program includes but is not limited to:

    Access to our community's first Miscarriage Guide

    Written with Terry Diamond, a bereavement social worker at the Royal Hospital for Women. This accessible guide offers comprehensive support for those who have experienced loss. It addresses emotional support, workplace navigation, religious and spiritual guidance, practical advice, and communication with other family members. Importantly, this guide serves not only those who have faced miscarriage and loss but also the wider community.

    Miscarriage and loss care packs

    These include fresh pyjamas, self-care products, a candle, and specially designed mindfulness colouring materials, which will provide comfort and support during a difficult time.

    Access to a trained Miscarriage and Loss Peer Support Companion

    Our trained Companions are well-equipped to support you and hold your hand through miscarriage and pregnancy loss. You do not need to walk this path alone.

    Become a Peer Support Companion

Join our Miscarriage and Loss program

Please get in touch with our support team – they are waiting to embrace you.

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