Firstly, we are so very sorry for your loss and that you are having to experience this heartbreak. You have probably barely had time to process the news you’ve just received, so take all the time you need, be kind to yourself and when you are ready, we are here to help.

The Pink Elephants Support Network is a not-for-profit organisation who have been where you are and understand what you’re going through. Our aim is to be there for all women who are experiencing miscarriage and early pregnancy loss, to provide much needed validation, empathy and connection as you move through your grief journey and beyond. At this time however, our primary concern is ensuring that you don’t feel alone and unsupported, unsure of where to go or what to do next.

Our website is a hub of information and support which we encourage you to visit and explore. We have created some useful resources that are available for free download, which may be helpful for you as you navigate the next few weeks or even months. You will also find access to our personalised Peer Support Programme where you can be connected with another woman who has been there before, and who ‘get’s it’. Sometimes just being able to talk to someone who understands how you’re feeling can make all the difference.


We encourage you to find us on Facebook and join our wonderful online community.

We invite you to come and join us there and become part of our community.

Miscarriage is an individual journey but one that should not be walked alone.

Take care,

The Pink Elephants Support Network

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source: www.pinkelephants.org.au https://www.pinkelephants.org.au/page/73/emotional-support